White Hills – White Hills (2010)

Info: “Ah, Space Rock. As one of the tracks on this very fine album suggests, don’t be afraid, and don’t panic either! If you think this much-maligned genre reeks of stale patchouli, un-washed hair and trips to free festivals to see Ozric Tentacles whilst gorging on mushroom sarnies and cider then you’re missing the point. Early Lemmy-era Hawkwind was radical street fighting punk rock! The heads-down motorik fuzzed-out elements of Amon Duul II and Can were a huge kosmiche fuck you to the safe early 70s singer-songwriter status quo. Marry all of this to a righteous fist in the air stoner-punk spirit and you have the essence of what we’re dealing with here. (Drowned in Sound)



One Response to “White Hills – White Hills (2010)”

  1. apparition Says:

    thank you for this hint to a brilliant, brilliant record of a brilliant, brilliant band! how come i didn’t know them at all before!? can’t wait to see them play here in berlin tonight!

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