Baikonour – Your Ear Knows Future (2009)


Info: Baïkonour is the brainchild of one man, Jean-Emmanuel Krieger. Named after a town in Khazakstan, Krieger’s project combines electronic and post-rock elements with a deep appreciation for the versatility of the guitar. Krieger, who hails from France, currently resides in Brighton. His roots, however, have inevitably led to comparisons with groups like Air and Super Discount. Krieger draws on a variety of inspirations, which manifest themselves in his music in different ways. These inspirations include a diverse group, ranging from Marvin Gaye to My Bloody Valentine to Alice Coltrane. Upon the release of his debut album, For The Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos, in 2005, Baïkonour received positive reviews from critics. Matthew Murphy, a writer for Pitchfork Media, said of the Lonely Hearts, “Throughout the album, Krieger consistently astonishes with the daring breadth of his playing, as he embellishes several otherwise straightforward pop hooks with as much florid ornamentation as good taste will allow… And this he does with such an addictively melodic flair that it should be easy for listeners to find space for this album within their lonely hearts.” (indiepassion)



One Response to “Baikonour – Your Ear Knows Future (2009)”

  1. gianni Says:

    this is a great new release.
    thank you for this discovery!

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