Edgar Froese – Ages (1977)


Info: Edgar Froese is a great musician and a shrewd businessman. Realizing that he and his associates would need money to fund the progress of Tangerine Dream, he took advantage of both of those qualities and launched his solo career while Tangerine Dream was still in their infancy. That solo career has contributed many gems and classics to the e-music community. Ages is one of those classics. This album has all of Froese’s virtuosity and something that his listeners rarely hear — a sense of humor. Froese does not show that side of himself to his listeners very often, so it is a treat. Putting that positive energy into play does much for this album; it makes it a classic. This CD will appeal to fans of Paul Ellis, Ian Boddy, Ron Boots, and Mark Dwane. It is an e-music essential. (allmusic)



3 Responses to “Edgar Froese – Ages (1977)”

  1. Paul Says:


    ist diese Side Down?

    Es gibt keine neue Uploads.

    Schade, ist eine gute Side.

    Danke für die ganze Alben.


  2. krautlands Says:

    The blog is NOT dead, i will only make updates when i found a really good kraut album. Quality before quantity!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Link down!!

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