Klaus Schulze – Picture Music (1975)

Info: Klaus Schulze had always wanted to compose “Picture Music”: Sounds like oil on a private canvas, journeys into foreign, emotional landscapes. Which is why you can consider the title of this record as a credo, which made its appearance during a period of change.

While the two debut albums (“Irrlicht” and “Cyborg”) were mostly made up of static layers of noise and seemed to stem from a crass avantgarde mentality, the drummer in Schulze slowly found his way back into the music with “Black Dance” and “Picture Music”. This becomes clearest on Side B of the original record, the 23-minute long “Mental Door”. While synthesizers take bizarre twists and turns to form melody-like structures, a clanking percussion track decidedly cleaves its way through empty space. In its radical approach, this piece is still unrivaled today und should appeal to all those who find even the most daring and eccentric ELP-keyboard solo too radio-friendly. Still, the first composition here, “Totem”, is even better: A threedimensional musical vision full of truth and madness. A fragile pattern of bell-tones is the rhythmical pulse, which guides the listener through swathes of harmonic fog and constantly evolving motifs



3 Responses to “Klaus Schulze – Picture Music (1975)”

  1. gianni Says:

    I am tripping…
    thank you

  2. krautlands Says:


  3. Alex B Says:

    Just a few words: all 70s Schulze´s work is obligator for eletronic, kraut and german prog fans.

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