Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen (1976)

Info: In his solo career Michael Rother exactly reproduced the most meditative and floating textures of Neu! music. His colleague Klaus Dinger launched L.A Düsseldorf for radical, abrasive pop electronic projections. “Flammende Herzen” directly announces Rother typical guitar instrumentation with all these elegant repetitions and evocative, almost romantic ambient melodies. This album is a collection of various slow moving guitar inventions. The title track introduces a nostalgic and mellow theme for guitar. After 3 minutes the main melody is took back in a much more punchy instrumentation, featuring almost metronomic drum parts and distortion; a very pleasant and accessible song. “Zyklodrom” contains a rather similar introspect and light repetitive melody but includes some synth arrangements. “Karussel” is an other floating track, featuring a mechanical pulse some very light keyboard sounds with a pop, simple melodic line. The less consistent song of the album. “Feuerland” is a dense, dramatic, moody composition with slide fuzzy guitars, hypnotic pulses. The last piece is made of electronic gadgets, rolling drums and tranquil synthetic ambiences. A colourful album and a good start to Michael Rother’s intimate work. (http://www.progarchives.com)



One Response to “Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen (1976)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks for a chance to hear this!

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