Audionom – Retrospektiv +Unreleased Songs (2005)

Info: Repetition is definitely a reoccurring theme on Retrospektiv. Whether it’s the punishing monotonous sound in opener “Ljusets Krigare”, the electronically-keyed “Kristall,” or avant Joy Division-esque “And You Said I Was The Only One,” the merging of electronic and punk rock is repeated throughout the entire record.

The current status of the band is happily reunited (as of December 2006). Internal tension has caused the band to break up and reform numerous times over the years, but amends have been made, and you can expect a lot more from them in the future. But for now, Retrospekiv serves to introduce their intense music to a whole new audience eager for an uncompromising, wall of sound.

Download Part1
Download Part2


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