Salvatore – Days Of Rage (2007)

Info: “Days Of Rage”, is Salvatore’s 6th, and was released on New Year’s Day. Now the ever-evolving band features two new English members: Anthony Barratt from Billy Mahonie (Too Pure) and Leon Muraglia, the man behind the legendary Kosmische Club in London. Still having one foot in the Kraut department, they have added more electronic elements. It might their most accessible album this far.

Working with John McEntire on their two former releases, this one sees them taking more control, together with long time Salvatore sound engineer Ingar Hunskaar. The result is a more playful approach, with letting loose some great new energy. The album shows a raw, compelling, propulsive side to Salvatore, exploring beat-driven areas that have generated a wild enthusiasm in audiences at recent concerts.

Not quite rock/pop, and not quite art/experimental, Salvatore inhabit an important mid-point in contemporary music. The music is intelligent, but does not compromise on heart, and that great feeling of euphoria.



One Response to “Salvatore – Days Of Rage (2007)”

  1. gianni Says:

    1. I like your blog
    2. I like this lp! very very interesting & cool sounds!!!
    3. thank you

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