La Düsseldorf – La Düsseldorf (1976)

Info: The self titled album “La Dusseldorf” was released in 1976, venturing from avant-garde for concrete noises, manipulated sounds, pre-punk atmospheres. This album has a total disregard for musical convention, the musicians don’t hesitate to mix without restriction a bunch of sounds taken from a great variety of musical styles (with pop accents, motoric “electronic” pulses, krautrock weird instrumentals and punk’s eccentricity).



One Response to “La Düsseldorf – La Düsseldorf (1976)”

  1. Krautfan Says:

    Well thank you very much for this La Düsseldorf vinyl-record.
    I’ve been looking a real long time for this.

    Years ago I bought the CD but it sounds so so bad, even this 128 kb Mp3 is much better.

    It sounds great, – how much better would it isound if it would have been coded with a higher bitrate?

    Any chance to get this vinyl rip (not the CD) with around 256-320 kbit or flac? That would be great.

    Again many thanks

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